Powertrack Commander

The commander PowerTrack adds an advanced dimension to research-proven-reliable dynamometer muscle testing without using a computer. Commander PowerTrack objectively quantifies strength to identify areas of muscle weakness due to injury or disease. Commander PowerTrack provides a wealth of information to assist you with establishing a diagnosis, planning treatment/rehab, evaluating progress, managing cases and rating impairment.

JTech Commander Power Track II Muscle Dynamometer features:

  • Compact dynamometer fits easily in your hand.

  • Records, stores and analyzes up to 40 bilateral tests with up to four repetitions per side.

  • Calculates bilateral strangth deficits for objective side-to-side comparisons

  • Calculates multiple repetition coefficient of variation (CV) for determining effort consistency.

  • "Axis Compensation" circuitry guarantees 99% accuracy across entire test pad

  • "Quick-connect" system makes changing dynamometer test pads faster and easier.

  • Downloader software available for importing data into a computer.

DKK 8.840,00 Pris inkl. moms: DKK 11.050,00

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